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benefits of attending Oregon addiction treatment

Oregon addiction treatment facilities often receive numerous local patients, as well as a fair number from other states. Some are able to see the many benefits of recovering in Oregon, but some may simply choose Oregon drug rehab or Oregon alcohol rehab for the sheer sake of accessibility. When choosing an Oregon treatment program, addicts and alcoholics cannot choose based on location alone. There are many benefits of recovering in Oregon, but there are benefits of seeking alternatives as well. Every option deserves careful consideration before making the final decision.

Benefits of Oregon Addiction Treatment

As one of the most geographically diverse regions in the United States, Oregon provides residents with several natural health benefits. Many of these stem from the state’s coastal location and its strong population of dense forests. Both of these features are associated with a high concentration of negative ions in the air. These ions are believed by many to play a role in alleviating depression, leading to more stability in one’s mental and emotional life. Physical health may benefit as well due to the nutrients in the air.

The government also accounts for some of the primary benefits of recovering in Oregon. State agencies involved in substance abuse treatment must maintain budget policies that help them provide access to the best care available without bankrupting their departments or drawing away from the other needs of the state. They are able to do this because of the hard work put forth by Oregon’s Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission. This independent government agency sets the standards for Oregon addiction treatment. Anyone paying for Oregon drug rehab or Oregon alcohol rehab with government assistance can thank the ADPC for ensuring the quality of their care.

Compared to some states, many of which do not prioritize substance use treatment at all, Oregon excels in establishing policies to help those in need. The compassion of Oregon’s government makes it one of the best places for addicts and alcoholics to seek recovery, especially those who may enjoy the nature-based advantages of recovering in Oregon as well. Oregon addiction treatment may not be for everyone, but those who seek it will rarely find themselves disappointed.

Benefits of Out-of-State Alternatives

Many addicts and alcoholics who suffered through the bulk of their addiction in Oregon may find that the dangers of seeking treatment too close to home outweigh the associated benefits. Generally speaking, the benefits of recovering in Oregon will apply to all who seek treatment there. Local patients, however, may also find that even the best Oregon addiction treatment centers may fail to provide the lifelong focus they need if they are to remain sober for any significant period.

This is not to say that Oregon treatment facilities do not focus on long-term recovery. They most certainly do. Unfortunately, local patients will find it far too easy to continue using after they graduate treatment. Their history of substance use in Oregon provides them with the experience they need to find open bars and available drug dealers whenever they get the itch to use again. Removal from their environment will make relapse more difficult, safeguarding their recovery until they are able to stand on their own two feet. If they wish to leave treatment and return home or seek outpatient services at an Oregon rehab facility, these options are more than acceptable. It will simply benefit them much more if they wait until they feel absolutely confident that they have developed the necessary tools to overcome triggers when they arise.

Since there is no such thing as a geographical cure, one cannot make objective claims regarding the quality of Oregon addiction treatment as compared to out-of-state alternatives. Addicts and alcoholics in need of treatment may decide that the benefits of recovering in Oregon outweigh the risks. Others may choose to look elsewhere. In either case, a bit of assistance will go a long way when making the ultimate decision regarding where to seek treatment.

Finding the Best Oregon Rehab Program

Your desired level of care will play a role in your final decision, but Aspire Health Network can help you find the best alcohol or drug rehab for you. Those seeking a full continuum of care may wish to begin at First Choice Detox. The staff at this comprehensive treatment facility will provide detoxification and withdrawal treatment services to those in need before ensuring that they follow through with a multi-phase recovery plan.

At First Choice, detoxification is not seen as a solution to addiction but rather as a single step in the overall treatment process. Patients at First Choice do not enter for the sake of an alternative to Oregon addiction treatment, but simply because they know that they will be in capable hands. Many of the same benefits of recovering in Oregon will still apply due to the facility’s coastal location in California, and clients will learn everything they need to practice long-term recovery when they do decide to return home.

If you would like more information on our many facilities, or if you simply need help choosing between Oregon rehab and out-of-state treatment, contact Aspire today at (844) 418-5557. We will help you weigh the benefits of recovering in Oregon and the advantages of seeking out-of-state care, assisting you every step of the way as you search for the right treatment center to fulfill your needs.

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