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Each of the most commonly used substances in Oregon will require a slightly different Oregon addiction treatment approach.

Oregon Addiction Treatment | Most Commonly Used Substances in Oregon

When assessing the needs for addiction treatment in any state, treatment centers must account for the most widely used substances. Despite some similarities in rates of substance use, the most common drugs of choice often vary from one state to another. The most commonly used substances in Oregon generally include:       Prescription opioids       Heroin       Methamphetamine Oregon… Read More »

benefits of attending Oregon addiction treatment

Addiction Treatment | Benefits of Recovering in Oregon

Oregon addiction treatment facilities often receive numerous local patients, as well as a fair number from other states. Some are able to see the many benefits of recovering in Oregon, but some may simply choose Oregon drug rehab or Oregon alcohol rehab for the sheer sake of accessibility. When choosing an Oregon treatment program, addicts and… Read More »