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Helping all Oregon families find recovery support in their community.

About Aspire Oregon

Aspire Oregon is a Portland-based treatment facility that provides full recovery support services at all levels from detox to outpatient. From Salem to Bend and beyond, our patients come from across the state of Oregon to seek the best addiction treatment available. They receive individualized programs utilizing a wide array of therapies to treat not only their substance use disorder, but also the underlying issues behind it. For comprehensive care with a personal touch, call Aspire Oregon today!

Most addicts and alcoholics like to feel independent, and they will not always ask for help when they need it. Some would sooner lose their very lives than admit that they cannot beat their addiction on their own. Our professional interventionists can help friends and family members voice their concern in a firm yet loving manner to help get your loved one into treatment while there’s still time.

Why Aspire Oregon?

Leading Medical Staff

Aspire Oregon hires some of the best therapists and clinicians in the nation to keep our clients happy and healthy through treatment. They will help you to recover in both safety and comfort.

Take Back the Reins

Addiction takes over the user’s entire life, and often even the lives of their loved ones. With the tools you learn at Aspire Oregon, you can take back the reins and live the life you truly want.

Stable Support

Nobody can recover alone, and Aspire Oregon makes sure they never have to try. Between our caring staff and the friendship of other patients, you’ll receive the loving support you need.